Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Leak Flower

Leak flower(Allium ampeloprasum porrum)

This is the first time leak bloom in our garden. Each leak flower is shown up dozens of tiny blooms, each flower made seeds. Also, this  long stem flower stalks are grow up about 2' tall. I love the leak flower in our vegetable garden. Leaks are mostly flower in their 2nd year. 

Ajantha's Garden/Leek Flower Bud

Leek Flower Bud

 Beautiful leak flower in our veggie garden. Last years one leak plant grow up, I didn't cut the flower stem till blooming nice flower.  The flower stems(stalk) are called scape. Some people use of kitchen as chopped in salads, soups or stir fry.

Ajantha's Garden/Leek flower

Leek Flower


In the mean time I have chives flower looks like the same and Allium family too. It will  formed bulbils and flower buds. I do let it seed for next year.

Ajantha's Garden/Leek Flower

Leek Flower

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