Wednesday, February 25, 2015



Compost is the most important for growing healthy plants and good results. Want to turn your garden healthy, nutrients food?  Create your own way to compost very well.  We sustain a compost bin, and used it, the effect is really courteous, good nutrition soil in a garden plant.
We used our vegetable scraps, egg shells, tea bags covered with a newspaper to pass away to garden compost.  At the autumn time we collected for compost, garden scraps with some land, grass slopes, shredded leaves, dead leaves and wood chips.
Winter time is better for all compost materials break down to construct a good soil.
Every year I was adding compost in our garden.  It will help the soil, loosen it up and nice drainage.
If the plants get sunlight and good drainage watering, best results of ending.
Tomato plants need calcium and water.
I used the fish tank water is the best for the plants that are growing healthy and good soil.
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