Monday, June 9, 2014




 Two years ago our neighbor gave this chives plant. Every year, spring starts it's grown up. 

 This time our backyard look great as it grows and bloom. In the garden, grows these chives next to the hibiscus.  The flowers scatter the seeds.  I love them in our backyard as an herb and beautiful blooms.
      Chives is also matched well with fish, potatoes, egg, soup.  I like our chive, in salad, stir fries , mix with olive oil and garlic.
 And besides it's well for row chives chops salt and pepper as a garnish over the deviled eggs.

 Chives, also known botanical name an Allium Schoonoprasum is an Onion Family & a perennial herbaceous plant. Chives are rich in sulfur and mild flavor.

Chives are contained with antioxidants, vitamin A and C.

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