Monday, June 9, 2014




Crocheting is an activity that allows me to create beautiful pieces such as doily. lies, trinket boxes, bookmarks, flowers, and purses.
Everyone love this crochet.
This is a wonderful hobby for working. I like to use different colour yarns and patterns. Making a crochet along on relaxing and spend a few hours. I was enjoy to have been recently updated my projects that i did past years. I had learned a variety of designs and many objects.


I like this poinsettia flower center piece for the holidays!

Autumn Doily

This is such a beautiful crochet pattern that you can use as a centerpiece on your table.

Lacy Hat

Everyone like this cute bag yourself to hold your make up and small items. I was really love this pattern. You can hold your make up and small items. 

Quick Floral Coaster
design by katererine


 The Motifs are creative and fun my favorite is the time.

This beautiful crochet is a great decoration for holiday. It is a simple decoration for the winter time. Snow flake crochet is very beautiful!

Heart Purse
This heart purse also one of my favorite crochet. I love this color too.

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